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After a long snowy winter and a lonnnngggg rainy spring, this Mama and her chicks were ready for some sun and sand. So when an offer to spend a weekend at the Red Jacket Resort on Cape Cod came our way, we high-tailed it in that direction. And we were glad we did.

For those of you not from the Northeastern part of the U.S., let me explain Cape Cod, Massachusetts—known in these parts as “the Cape.” Around here, the Cape is almost synonymous with summer. It’s a body of land that extends out into the Atlantic Ocean and is accessible by a couple of well-known (and often very crowded) bridges. It is beloved for it’s many (many) beaches, mini-golf courses, ice cream shops, seafood restaurants, quaint towns, rental houses and hotels, motels and inns of every shape and size.

In the past, we’ve stayed at a variety of these accommodations. The expensive waterfront inn in Chatham, the roadside motel in Falmouth and a variety of weekly rental houses. But somehow we had missed the Red Jacket, a gem of a summer resort. (In fact, I’m not sure I knew there was even a “resort” on the Cape at all!)

From the moment we pulled up at the Red Jacket and saw it’s location RIGHT on a great strip of private beach in South Yarmouth, we knew we were going to have a good weekend. (Read more…)

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This Weeks Tip

You would think at our age that we wouldn’t have to worry about these things. But, as Kate will attest, even at *ahem* 27, untimely breakouts can (and will) happen. What to do? Apply an ice cube for 30 second. Then soak a cotton ball in eye drops and press it to the “spot” for 3 minutes. The theory is that the ice and drop combination will cause blood vessels below the surface to contract—leaving you looking, well, a little less like Rudolph.