Eagle Creek Travel Folders and Cubes

When the hubby and I traveled to China to bring Spicy Girl home, we spent a great deal of time and emotional energy worrying about packing.  How much to pack, what to pack, and how to avoid packing so much that we surpassed the packing limits for international flights. One thing we didn’t worry about was how to organize the bags as we had outfitted ourselves with one of the handiest packing organizing tools I’ve ever seen – Eagle Creek Travel Folders and Cubes.

I am going to be straight up with you, this was a complete impulse buy.  Our local Container Store was having a travel sale and these little items were being featured.  I thought they would be helpful in keeping our clothes from getting all wrinkled in our rolling duffle bags, and that was the motivating factor in why they landed in my shopping cart.  Yes, they did keep things tidy and wrinkle free.  But even better, they kept me organized on what was a hectic and, at times, stressful trip.  I purchased two of the larger folders (one for me and one for hubby).   One of the smaller “zip” style cubes for Spicy Girl.  

The sizes were perfect for each of our needs.  The folders are outfitted with a large stiff plastic sheet that can act as an aid to neatly fold your belongings as well as a way to “top off” your bag in order to keep it firm in your luggage and avoid wrinkles.  I also have started to put post it notes on the sheet to keep myself organized as to what started the trip in the bag.  This avoids lost items and confusion.  

For Spicy Girl, the cube was perfect for keeping little clothes organized … not a single pair of socks or onesies were misplaced in the journey; which included three hotel rooms, three interior country flights and a  round-trip  international flight with a connection through Chicago – for a total of 4 packing and unpacking events .  

The bags are made of fabric (no plastic bags), they are sturdy and spill resistant (not proof, resistant) and can be laundered if they get soiled.   I am planning on getting another two bags, one more cube and one more folder as they are so handy that you don’t have to be traveling around the world to see the value of them.


About Laura

If you had told Laura that she would become a first time mom at 41, say back in her "spirited 20s", she would have said "That sounds about right.  I've got too much to do until then."  Well, she didn't really, and it wasn't exactly by choice. Seven years of fertility treatments later, it all seemed to make sense.  And with the words, "let's adopt," the adventure really began.  When her daughter ("Spicy Girl" b.2007) was placed in her arms at 11 months old, in a city half-way around the world, the idea of motherhood became the reality of "what the hell am I doing?"  All at once, life at home became a constant sociological experiment of nature vs. nurture.  "Honestly, honey, I didn't teach her how to do a forward roll at 20 months ... I couldn't do one when I was 20 years old.  It must be her hard-wiring." In her daytime away from mom-hood, she works as a higher education administrator where she does her best not to parent 18 to 22 year-olds.

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