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The Art of Female Conversation


About one week out of every month, I hate men—not my own boys, of course (they’re always adorable), just men. Now, make no mistake: this loathing is all about me. I don’t hate men because of something that one or some or all of them do or have done. They’re just cruising around as usual with that thing they’re so awfully proud of hanging to the left or right, swinging or tucked away, and I just arbitrarily for that short (...Read More)


Get it Together


You know those mothers who always look perfect?  They fix their hair and wear make-up every day, they only wear workout clothing if they are actually working out, and in general they just seem to have it together?  Yeah.  I am not one of those mothers.  I’m the other kind. I’m the kind of mother who wears a velour tracksuit on a good day.  For me, putting on a pair of jeans counts as “dressing up.”  In fact, I’ve been (...Read More)


Just a Phase


Note: This post was inspired by Glennon Melton’s “Don’t Carpe Diem” over at Momastery. Do yourself a favor and read it, if you haven’t already: it’s a great one!   Oh yes, I remember: standing in a checkout line with tired young children, one or all of them whining, and an old lady looking at them adoringly then turning to me with a nostalgic smile to say, “I hope you’re enjoying every minute!” As guilt-inducing as those comments were, I (...Read More)


Many Happy Returns


My parents were out shopping and decided to get 4-year-old Luke a new pair of sneakers. I don’t think he’s had his current pair of sneakers for that long, but they look like they might have survived being swept up in a tornado and sent through a woodchipper. So I guess I could see why my parents might want to get him a new pair. Well, they guessed his size and got a pair that was at least a couple (...Read More)


Get the Medicine to Go Down

With the advent of chewables and liquids, many of us forget that, at some point in their lives, our children WILL need to know how to swallow a pill. Better to learn young, as the gag reflex only gets stronger with age. One pediatrician suggests starting at age 4 and making a game of it… using a supply of TicTacs and their favorite drink. Have them put the TicTac way at the back of their tongue and then GULP!