October 24th, 2011

Playskool Heroes Transformers Rescue Bots

Caveman returned from a visit with my in-laws with a Transformer.  I don’t know which one, because it lacked a box or instruction sheet, but apparently it was his new favorite toy.  The problem?  He didn’t know how to transform it.  I tried, but it was like a crazy octopus airplane hybrid and I just couldn’t make it work.  I figured the problem was me, so I gave it to Hubby to transform.  Nope.  Apparently the makers of Transformers really hate parents and have made the new generation of Transformers so difficult that even a fully-grown man with an engineer brain who played with Transformers in his youth can’t figure them out.

If you have a son, though, you know he doesn’t care that it’s difficult—he just wants the thing transformed, and patience is not at the top of the pre-school boys’ skill set.  Fortunately, thanks to a very helpful dad in the Transformer aisle at the toy store and the lovely people at Playskool, I’ve been given an out:  Playskool Heroes Transformer Rescue Bots!

These kid- and mom-friendly Transformers feature well-known characters such as Optimus Prime and Bumblebee, as well as fire truck Heatwave and police cruiser Chase.  The best thing is that transforming them is EASY—as in practically one step, I can do it without the instructions, Caveman can even do it himself easy.  The person who decided to make these toys (undoubtedly a frustrated parent) is a genius!!!

I don’t know how Caveman learned about Transformers—we have never watched a Transformers cartoon or movie in our house.  It must be genetic, kind of like how Princess knew all the Disney princesses before she’d seen any of their movies.  However, the fact is he loves them, and Playskool has made it significantly easier for him to play with the characters he loves without making me feel like I’m trying to solve a Rubix Cube 23,532 times a day.  If you have a Transformer-loving toddler or pre-schooler, these are for you!  You’re welcome.

Note:  I found these in the toddler/baby toy section, NOT in the Transformer section.

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