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Calico Critters-families of miniature rabbits, cats, pigs and other animals who live in a magical town called Cloverleaf Corners—are ridiculously cute. They’re small, they sport sweet smiles, have movable arms and legs, and wear teensy outfits that can be taken off and on (and removable clothes, if you have a little girl, means the toy will garner lots of play time).

In addition to the animal families, of course, you can buy houses, a school, a townhome, rooms and rooms of furniture, cars, baby carriages, books, plush toys and more.

My daughter, Belle, has a handful of families and a few small accessories. She likes them fine. They’re well-made. They’re darling. They encourage imaginative play.

But their smallness, to inexperienced fingers, can be frustrating. Trying to tie and untie some of the garb is like attempting thoracic surgery on an ant. You need the nimblest of digits. Preferably, very precise medical tweezers. (Read more…)

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This Weeks Tip

No More Icy Veins

Any kid will tell you, there’s nothing worse than cold snow creeping in between your mittens and coat, sending an icy chill right through all the veins in your wrist! But it ALWAYS happens. Solution? Take an old adult sock and put a hole in it for the thumb. Then put it under your child’s coat and mittens. Voila! Just the barrier you need.