March 14th, 2010

My First Stove by Alex Toys

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My son loves play kitchens. As a hip, modern, feminist mama this makes me feel like a winner, like I finally have proof that I’m doing something right by my boy.

As a resident of New York City, with the itty bitty apartment that goes along with it, this makes me feel like a failure. My son loves toy kitchens, but how do I fit one into our home?

That’s where “My First Stove” by Alex Toys comes in. At a manageable 12” x 11” x 11”, it easily fits onto our coffee table during playtime. Flip it over and it becomes a storage bin. No batteries required – always a plus in my book. And assembly is little more than sliding the colorful backboard into the stove’s slot. Easy.

Alex Toys recommends this for kids age 3 and up, and I can sort of see why: my son is only 1 ½ and engages in very little “imagination play” per se other than holding everything from my husband’s old Blackberry to a crushed water bottle up to his ear like a phone. But I know he likes play kitchens, and the bright colors and knobs that turn definitely capture his attention. He also likes to play with the backboard, and the whole contraption is lightweight enough for him to pick up and move around, which he also likes to do. Does he pretend like he’s cooking up a goat cheese and mushroom omelet for mama? Not yet. Does he still have fun with it? You betcha.

This is a toy that will grow with him, and that’s a big plus in my book. It’s a truly gender-neutral kitchen, which is another big plus. One day he might pretend like the bright red and black circles are real burners and he’s really cooking on them, but for now I’m just happy he has another quiet, simple toy to engage with to whatever developmental level he’s currently at.

Manufacturer’s Recommended Age: 3+ Years
My Recommended Age: 1 ½ + Years

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