January 13th, 2011

No More Icy Veins

Any kid will tell you, there’s nothing worse than cold snow creeping in between your mittens and coat, sending an icy chill right through all the veins in your wrist! But it ALWAYS happens. Solution? Take an old adult sock and put a hole in it for the thumb. Then put it under your child’s coat and mittens. Voila! Just the barrier you need.

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This Weeks Tip

Here’s a great cure for one of life’s most painful little nuisances: the paper cut. Dab a small drop of non-toxic Super Glue (or Krazy Glue, or other strong bond adhesive) on the cut. This adhesive bonds the skin together and prevents air and dirt from getting in, relieving the pain. Just be careful not to touch anything until the glue dries, unless you want it to be a permanent fixture! (Note: this solution is not recommended for cuts or scrapes larger than a paper cut.)