May 23rd, 2011

Magic Rags

Trust me when I say that despite the subject of this review, I’m not a pitifully unenlightened June Cleaver. I don’t dust and vacuum wearing a red-lipstick smile and a crisp white apron atop a flower-print dress. The only thing I have in common with that image is that I do generally wear clothes when I’m cleaning but never an apron (unless it’s only the apron, and it’s Friday night). You won’t find me wearing lipstick or a smile when I’m dusting, vacuuming and washing windows because cleaning isn’t fun. That said, I have to admit that Magic Rags make it a whole lot easier.

Cleaning my house is a pain because I have a million different types of surfaces: glass, mirror, pottery, smooth wood, rough wood, faux iron, real iron, leather, baskets, stainless steel, picture frames, electronic crap (everywhere), granite, tile, and so on. What this means is that to clean the house properly I need a bunch of different rags (wet, dry, oily) and cleaning supplies (oil and glass cleaner). But I’m lazy, so I don’t clean properly because I refuse to carry around a cleaning cart equipped with all the stupid supplies. This means that some things get routinely neglected—like the glass vase on the wood table (that looks worse if I wipe it with the oil cloth I carry for the wood) or the baskets (that are left littered with lint if I wipe them down with the dry rag I have on hand for the leather).

The beauty of Magic Rags boils down to this: one rag does all surfaces without cleaning products. The Magic Rags that I have are 16”x16” microfiber cloths that you wet (with warm water), wring, and then use to wipe. With the Magic Rags, I can clean all of my myriad surfaces hassle free. I wipe down all of my mirrors, tile, windows, and glass vases—streak free. The same streak-free promise applies to all electronics. Then I can use the same rag (rinsed and wrung out) to dust all my wood, baskets, pottery and all of those other rough surfaces—without any trace of lint. I can also use it on stainless steel. I wet the rag, wring it out, and wipe off my refrigerator, and voila. It’s done. And it looks great.

I got my Magic Rags from a local dealer by e-mailing The Bousheys at [email protected]. The Magic Rags run 1 for $6, 2 for $10, or 6 for $25. I got 12, six for me and six for my mom (for Mother’s Day. How lame am I?) I like to have a bunch because my house is usually dirty when I clean it, so one rag looks a little haggard after one or two rooms. But one cloth might suffice for you, since you can wash Magic Rags again and again (no fabric softener, no drier). Happy cleaning!

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