April 7th, 2011

Proctor Silex Sandwich Maker

A week ago, my husband had to toss our double-burner griddle out with the trash. It was painful to see, but it had gone long-past its expiration, with pieces chipping with each wash, it was definitely no longer safe. I was forced to visit the local appliance store at our local Post Exchange (the military’s version of a department store) to get a new one. That’s when I spotted it —the Sandwich Maker ‘o Glory (officially known as the Proctor Silex Sandwich Maker).

Granted, it looks like a waffle-maker, but it cuts and presses bread in half to make sandwich-sized triangles. My first-grader is simply addicted to grilled cheese, and so I thought, for $14, why not?

I took it out of the box and showed my husband the illustrations—it makes grilled cheese! Scrambled eggs! Pancakes! French Toast! Homemade fruit-filled pastries and “hot pockets”! I sounded like an infomercial while my husband stood there wondering why he ever married me. Whatevs, husband-type person, you can’t damper my excitement, yo!

I immediately began Googling recipes to invent find ways to use this, because it didn’t come with a recipe booklet or anything (sad face). Finding many to bookmark, I have been a sandwich-maker makin’ fool with this thing for breakfast ever since! The kids egg sandwiches in the morning? Win! Scrambled eggs with cheese? Win! Breakfast “Pigs in a blanket” with pancakes and sausage? Double-win! Crankin’ out so many breakfast treasures each day, gallon Ziploc bags are being used left and right, stockpiling breakfasts in our freezer as though the end of the world was coming, or something.

It’s remarkably easy to use. Just lightly butter two pieces of bread, place any sandwich-type of ingredients you want in-between, and the sandwich maker toasts the outside, heats the inside, and seals the edges. I sense a lot more concocting triangle-sized bites of awesome in my future. The only thing I’m trying to consider now is whether to get a second one to cook it all quicker (for my big family, and all).

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