January 14th, 2011

E. E. Cuties Hair Accessories

Princess has super-fine slippery hair, the kind that won’t stay in most ponytail holders or barrettes.  If I want to put a barrette in her hair, I first put that section of hair in a rubber band-type ponytail holder and then put the barrette over it.  As you can imagine, this causes a lot of conflict because the rubber bands have to be removed eventually and Princess also has a very tender head.

I’ve cut a lot of rubber bands out of Princess’s hair to avoid the tears that inevitably follow if I, heaven forbid, PULL the rubber band out.

All this means that most of the time, despite her girly-girl nature, Princess does not wear embellishments in her hair.  Which is fine.  Except that she’s decided to grow out her bangs and it drives me INSANE that her bangs are constantly in her eyes.

Enter E. E. Cuties.  Elisa, who makes the hair clips and bows of E. E. Cuties, is a friend from college (full disclosure), so I went to her site to see if I could find something Princess would wear.  Her bows are really cute—modern designs, traditional designs, corkscrew ribbons, bold colors—I saw quite a few I liked.  However, Princess, I knew, would not wear anything that wasn’t pink, so I sent an email to Elisa to see if she could throw something together.  To my surprise and delight she sent me an envelope full of girly-girl pink hair clips for Princess and some bonus hair pins for me.

Which was awesome because what started out as a shopping trip turned into a sweet gift from an old friend.  I hadn’t thought about reviewing these at all until after they arrived.

Here’s why I decided to review these:  THEY STAY IN PRINCESS’S HAIR!!!!!

I do not know what kind of magic Elisa works, but E. E. Cuties clips stay in the super-fine hair the women of my family all contend with.  The clips are easy to put in—Princess, at age 4, can actually fix her hair clip without my help.  And they are affordable. Clips start in the $3 range (for a set of 2 clips or 1 bow) and go up to $8 for really elaborate, fancy creations, with most clips at the lower end of that range—similar to what you’d pay at a children’s store but better quality and design.  The attention to detail is amazing—check out the tiny little bows on some of the small clips, and the undersides of the clips are finished, too.

If you don’t see the colors or style you’d like, email Elisa and she can probably make you something that will be perfect for your needs.  My current favorite is a pink and brown grosgrain ribbon bow, while Princess absolutely ADORES the lace princess clip Elisa made her (shocking, I know).  She even puts it on our (largely neglected) dog, and it stays in his hair, too, if you happen to be looking for a hair clip for your dog.

In browsing her Artfire site to write this review I’ve found several clips I think would be really cute pinned to a sweater, or as an embellishment when wrapping gifts.  I’m in love with a citrus-striped grosgrain rosette and several of the organza ones, too.  Forget Princess, I’m ordering some of these for ME!

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