January 10th, 2011

BeneFit Cosmetics (Ooh La Lift, Some Kind-a Gorgeous Foundation and Love Your Look Velvet Eyeshadow)

I went shopping with my girlfriend Stacy on Black Friday. Stacy was in the market for make-up. Not being a make-up wearer, she asked for my help, quizzing me on what brands I’m loyal to. Clinique? Estee Lauer? M.A.C.? Sadly, my cosmetics collection is a mish-mash of drug store one-offs and a Bobbi Brown eyeliner. I’m no make-up aficionado.

“Let’s just find someone,” I said. Nordstrom, after all, was crawling with make-up artists who wanted to sell their wares.

It was at that very moment a woman snagged us from the crowd and led us to her counter. Grateful to have a chance to sit down, I sunk into a cushioned stool and indulgently prepared to watch Stacy transform. If only I had a cocktail.

No such luck, though. Another BeneFit representative appeared in front of me and began smearing product all over my face. This woman was a dynamo, to say the least. She had a spiel. And she did it well. She was a spunky Belinda Carlisle look alike whose fingers smelled faintly of cigarette ash, but whose work on my eyelids I couldn’t dismiss.

Perhaps it was just that I was weeks from turning 42, thus vulnerable to any promises of a more youthful appearance, but she made me look smokier and more sultry than I had in a long time. I have to admit, I liked it.

As our makeovers were winding down, I looked over at Stacy and she helplessly said, “I’m buying it all.”

“Me too,” I said. “And I didn’t even need make up!”

I had never been sold like that in my life. It was embarrassing, really.

But I walked out with a bag of cosmetics that I knew would change my life.

Okay, I knew they wouldn’t change my life, so much as slightly enhance my aging skin and drooping eyes. They do, too.

The Ooh La Lift, in my opinion, is a little unnecessary. It’s supposed to be a cup of brightening caffeine for your eyes. But I can see absolutely no difference in shadows when I use it. I do love the cool tingle when I put it on, though. It’s the first thing I apply and it does have the effect of a small shot of espresso. When it runs out, I probably will not replace it, but I’ll miss it.

The Some Kinda Gorgeous Foundation, packaged in typically adorable BeneFit style, looks like a small record and comes with a sponge cleverly hidden underneath the main compartment. Per Belinda’s instructions, I apply it just to my t-zone. It’s amazingly creamy, covers well, and doesn’t leave any drop off lines. My only complaint about the foundation is that it’s going fast. If it makes it to the three-month mark, I’ll be surprised. Still, when it’s gone, I will run right out and fetch more.

The Love Your Look Velvet Eyeshadow is my favorite. It has a subtle sheen and can go on in a demure thin layer, or applied more thickly for dramatic statement eyes. I even apply a thin line across my lower lids in lieu of eye-liner and it gives a great smudgy look. No joke, it’s the best shadow I’ve ever owned, and I’ve owned a lot. Furthermore, it’s going to last a year without a doubt.

Overall, my BeneFit splurge made not only a fun, hilarious memory with my friend Stacy, but at 42, I finally feel like I know how to do my makeup.

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