November 10th, 2010

Philosophy’s Hope in a Jar Facial Moisturizer

I have been searching for a good daily moisturizer that satisfies all of my criteria: lightweight, quickly absorbed, and the most important: DOES NOT MAKE ME BREAK OUT. Seriously? I’m too old to have zits. This is all I ask. Well, actual moisturizing ability is a given. (Also? Have a vat of moisturizer from *cough* Costco *cough* that gave me 2 weeks of pizza face, so I know.)

I went on to (see my earlier review) and searched the moisturizers for best sellers/top products. I settled on Hope in a Jar and purchased a small size to see if it agreed with me.

It comes in the classic Philosophy black-lidded clear jar. The moisturizer itself looks beautiful - airy white, like whipped cream right before the stiff peaks form. It is completely lightweight - what a fantastic texture - and absorbs super quickly into your skin. Completely non-greasy, airy light goodness. The smell is clean, albeit a bit strong. Would probably like it even more if it sided more to the unscented side.  But, it does a great job without being heavy and, Look, Ma, no zits!

Apparently, it also exfoliates (without any grainy particles that feel like you’re rubbing rocks on your face). Per Philosophy, this product also is supposed to “smooth the complexion while reducing the appearance of wrinkles and discoloration.” Hmm. Haven’t noticed that part (I’m talking to You, weird discolored patch on my left cheek) but overall, very happy with this one.

May be a keeper.

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