May 5th, 2009

One Step Ahead Travel Potty

Have you ever trekked through a mall, up elevators, through the parking garage, finally reaching your car when your preschooler says, “Mommy? I have to go to the bathroom.”

Of course you do.

In a moment of desperation, thinking about your trek involving sherpas, heavy strollers, and unwieldy shopping bags you ask, “Can you wait until we get home?”

“Yes.” (Phew!)

And then, two minutes into driving home you hear, “Mommy? I REALLY need to go NOW.”

Of course you do.

That’s when I remember my One Step Ahead Travel Potty in the car, the one that folds out secret agent-style into a free-standing sturdy potty seat (trust me – if something can withstand the weight of my child, it is sturdy). The one with side compartments that open for storage where I keep wipes on one side (empty – D’OH!) and the other one gallon-sized ziploc bags (2! I’m awesome!). I load up the Ziploc bag into the seat, snap in place, and presto! Daughter pees in a contained vessel that can be hermetically sealed and thrown away! Instead of on the carseat! Why this product hasn’t crossed over to the post-partum incontinence population is beyond me.

We just leave it in the car for emergencies like this, as well as convenience-peeing in situations like the beach and public port-a-potty evasion.

It cleans easily (theoretically- I have no actual proof of this feature). And, I love that you can throw it into a backpack and travel fearlessly. I also love that it is so lightweight, I can lift it with my pinky finger without screaming. 

Best. Product. Ever. 

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