O, What a Great Idea!

Dreading that trip to the grocery store with the kids? Before you leave, have them each string a necklace of Cheerios or Fruit Loops. They then get to wear their art to the store, and snack on it while shopping! (Thanks to Courtney H. for sharing this great idea with us on Facebook)

Sprinkles Make it Better

Make healthy foods like sliced bananas or oatmeal more interesting by decorating it with a few rainbow sprinkles. To kids, everything tastes better when it’s decorated!

A Juicy Tidbit

Store juice boxes or pouches in the freezer. They make great freezer packs to go in school lunch bags!

Straight Cut

Admit it, you’ve done it. You’ve tried to cut your child’s bangs the morning before a holiday photoshoot or an important tip to grandmas — only to make the “situation” worse. Here’s a tip for cutting straight… take a piece of  Scotch tape and put it UNDER the place where you want to cut. Then cut just above the tape line for a straight and beautiful result!

Mark It Off

Even if you don’t have a need for this, try it — it’s way cool! To remove permanent marker from any smooth surface (computer monitor, dry erase board, refrigerator), simply draw over the marks with a dry erase marker. Then wipe away both marks with a cloth or eraser. Really, it works!

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This Weeks Tip

No More Icy Veins

Any kid will tell you, there’s nothing worse than cold snow creeping in between your mittens and coat, sending an icy chill right through all the veins in your wrist! But it ALWAYS happens. Solution? Take an old adult sock and put a hole in it for the thumb. Then put it under your child’s coat and mittens. Voila! Just the barrier you need.