May 12th, 2011

10,560 and One Sets Me Off on a Math Craze

Karrie McAllister

It was a typical evening. I made sure my children were all showered or bathed, and they lined up to each have their hair brushed, their ears cleaned, and their nails clipped. My husband, bless him, is a great dad. But he has not cut one single nail during his entire life as a parent. So when one of the little clippings went flying and hit me in the forehead, got stuck in my hair, and I just pulled it out without being fazed at all, I wondered just how many delightful times this same thing has happened.

This all spurred on the most calculator use I have done in many years. I dug out my trusty high school calculator (TI-81, still with my maiden name written on the back) and started typing away.

The results are no less than astounding and amazing. Enjoy.

I have three children. The oldest is 9 years, which also equals 117 months, or 504 weeks, or 3,570 days old. My seven-year-old boy is 89 months, 384 weeks, or 2,715 days. The youngest, at three, is a mere 40 months, 168 weeks, or 1,175 days.

As crazy as those numbers sound, I can continue to blow your mothering mind.

9: The number of times Santa has visited our house.
19: The number of birthday cakes I’ve made.
11: The number of first days of school.
776: The number of lunches I’ve packed. (Not big fans of cafeteria trays in our house.)

But back to that whole fingernail thing…
Assuming we bathe our children twice per week (a high estimate given how sometimes in the summer I simply hose them down), we have given 2,112 baths.

And the math continues.

4,224: The number of ears I’ve cleaned. (Hubby doesn’t do those either.)
15: The number of 300-count cotton swabs I’ve used, assuming a one-swab-per-ear average.
10,560: The number of fingernails I have clipped if I cut them all once per week.
After school and homework is done (776 times of checking that, too), it’s time for bed.
7,461: The number of times we put a child to bed.
14,922: The number of books we’ve read, with a two book per night average.
Infinity: Loads of laundry, diapers changed, Band-Aids applied, hugs and kisses.
0: The amount of time I regret giving to my kiddos.

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