October 18th, 2010

Seven Slings Baby Carrier

I love babywearing. There’s something so wonderful about being able to have your baby close to you and yet, have your hands be free. Even though my youngest is now officially “a toddler” since becoming a two-year-old recently, I still “wear” him, especially when I know I’m going to need to navigate him through a busy place, such as an airport, or store. I am happy to say that I’m the proud owner of many babywearing instruments, but this newest one I recently purchased is now my go-to must-have, not to mention easiest one to use, and it’s pretty comfy to boot.

Let me introduce you to my Seven Slings Carmel Latte sling. I figured, purchasing it in brown/tan would be the best option, because I can then carry both my son and my daughter in it, since those colors are neutral.

There’s something so awesome about having a sling, being able to just pop it over your shoulder, expand the fabric, and slide your little one in, and go! Since I’ve purchased this, I babywear a lot more, now, than I have been. Everything else I own is always something that has taken me a little bit to get set up - tying, fastening, positioning, etc. Now, I just unfold it, slip it over my shoulder, and rock.

With Baby Dude only getting heavier, despite my lifting weights, there are times my arms could use a break. That, and, well, the need to be able to reach and carry other things, too.

Like I said, I love Babywearing, and I really love this sling. I think I might even get a couple more, or get a set with matching leg warmers with the cool weather on it’s way.

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