April 4th, 2010

V. Sattui 2008 Gamay Rouge

On our recent trip to Napa Valley, the Husband and I drove by V.Sattui winery and decided to do an impulsive drop-in wine-tasting. The building itself was beautiful—looking stately with its stone exterior—and the parking lot was bustling, despite it being close to closing time. You know that’s a good sign. No one wants to eat at an empty restaurant or have their appendix taken out in a hospital where there’s tumbleweeds blowing through the O.R.s.

The possibly-manic-but-still-loveable wine gal that was assisting us urged us to try their Gamay Rouge, described as a strawberry-bursting summertime rosé and their most popular wine. I didn’t need to be bribed. Pour me my thimble-full!

Um. Dude. It was insanely delicious. Insane. Seriously strawberry, light, crisp, juicy goodness in a glass. I could see us drinking this on picnics, at the beach, while grilling out on the deck. Holy strawberry awesomeness. I had never tasted anything like it.

We bought a half a case. (And this after we swore we had NO ROOM FOR MORE WINE TO TAKE HOME WITH US. Luckily, they ship.)

Last night, we had friends over for dinner and finally had the chance to crack open one of those bottles. I had forgotten just how good this wine is! It was a huge hit with our guests. Now, seriously wondering if we need to acquire a whole case. Wow, when this wine is properly chilled - it brings out all of its greatest strawberry, thirst-quenching properties.

Note: you can’t buy V. Sattui wines in stores. They only sell direct-to-consumer from their website (http://www.vsattui.com/) or at their winery. But they ship! This wine sells for around $18/bottle, but if you buy it by the case, it is more like $14-15/bottle *looking around and whistling*.

A.maz.ing. Our new favorite summer wine.

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