May 19th, 2009

Yo Mama

Angie McCullagh

One of the frustrating things about being a mom (or being human, for that matter), is the lack of time to exercise. How are we supposed to work off the doughnuts (which we eat to muffle our newborn’s screams and our toddler’s yelps) without a few minutes to jog or crunch?

It turns out we are working out. It’s our own brand of yoga. Momma yoga, yo. It increases our agility, boosts our speed and improves our strength.

First pose: Anyone who has wheeled their child in and out of a coffee shop or store has this down. The door swing, foot prop, stroller push.

Second pose: You don’t really get the hang of this until your child gains some real weight…and comes to you doing their own version of yoga-the pleading arm lift. This one is the squat, armpit loop, hoist of a 50-pound preschooler onto your hip. Good for the abs. Perhaps not so good for the back.

Third pose: The stoop and shovel toy pick-up. We practically live our lives doubled over. Put it to work for you.

Fourth pose: This is more endurance training than yoga, but it’s good for dexterity too. The kitchen sprint, from refrigerator to cupboard to microwave to table. Subtract seconds from your time by commissioning a toddler to whine at your heels as you dash.

Fifth pose: The super fast shower-shampoo, condition, suds and shave. Up, down, up, down, round and round. You have less than five minutes to get it all done and leap, dripping wet, out of the bathroom to tend to your child.

Sixth pose: The new clothes shimmy. This is done while trying on shirts, pants and bras (bonus points for swimsuits) in a fitting room while a little kid is with you. Sway side to side, yank, sway side to side.

It doesn’t have to be the newest trendy DVD or video game for you to get in shape. Remember how much exercise you’re doing everyday just by being a mom, perhaps cut back on a doughnut or two, and release the guilt.

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