July 12th, 2010

Savvycents Wallet

I’m the first to admit that I have a bit of a preoccupation with wallets. If I can find just the right one, I think, my credit cards, cash, and receipts will magically migrate to (and stay in) allotted compartments and my purse will transform into a sparkling, almost military, paragon of organization.

This never happens, of course. But that doesn’t stop me from searching for just the right wallet.

Recently I happened upon the Savvycents wallet, which was conceived by a former school teacher who was using the cash envelope system of budgeting. Tired of tattered, disheveled envelopes, she designed a billfold with pockets for cards, space for cash and change, and an accordion style file system complete with pre-printed labels.

When I first opened the box containing my new wallet, I thought, Whoa! Shiny! Then, Wow! Odorous! Finally, Hmm, clever! The wallet comes in red, pink, and black, all with a faux patent leather sheen. And it is man-made all the way. Lest you have any doubts, you need only to take a whiff. For weeks, in fact, every time I withdrew my Savvycents wallet from my purse, smells of unknown chemicals wafted upward. This bothered me.

I’m not a cash envelope budgeting person (preferring, instead, to wing it with credit), but I will admit I really loved the wallet’s built-in file system. In all my wallet explorations, I’ve never seen one quite this efficient. I used the pockets for such things as coupons and saving tax-deductible receipts and did, indeed, find that I felt more organized.

Several women complimented the cuteness of my wallet. But I would like to see Savvycents offer finish options that aren’t quite so flamboyant. (A boring, black matte would better suit my tastes.)

Keep an eye on this product. It is functional and, overall, sharp looking, at the low price point of $25.00. While I don’t necessarily need to carry wallets made of hemp or bamboo, it’d be nice if these consisted of more natural materials. This would probably result in a cost bump, but to me, it’d be worth it.

Editor’s Note: This item was supplied to our writer at no cost—but with absolutely no obligation for a positive review. Momicillin accepts no “pay for play.” See ourTerms & Conditions for complete details on this policy.

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