April 11th, 2010

Welch’s Fruit Snacks

Every parent needs a kid bribe, and ours are Welch’s Fruit Snacks. These chewy snacks are tasty, fruity and feel much worse for you (or your kid) than they actually are. We buy them in the mixed fruit packs … in bulk. Fruit snacks don’t make their way into daily snacking, but rather, we use them as part of our special routines that happen on weekends. For instance, we pack them in the bag for after swim class each Saturday, and on Sundays we break them out when we are heading home from errands.

Spicy Girl has come to request them at the logical and appointed times, which the hubby and I don’t mind, because they are made with real fruit juice. She sees them as something special, as we have given them out for various special events from party favor bags to snacks during play dates. Which is great, because they have become a requested item, rather than cake, cookies or candy.

The consistency of the fat free chews is very much like gummy bears. They come in a variety of flavors, and the shapes and colors are fun and bright. The variety pack comes with: peach, strawberry, grape, concord grape, orange and raspberry. I’ll be honest; in preparing this review I ate about 10 packs. And I could eat more. Without any hesitation. However, I still can’t tell you the difference between grape and concord grape. So here’s my advice, don’t over think it. They are fruit chews and they are delicious.

As already stated, we shop in bulk, and these are available at your bulk food stores in 80 count boxes for under $10. That’s 12.5 cents for each snack bag. Try and beat that. Nope. You can’t. And, if you think that it is all about the snacking, you’re wrong. It’s about the smiles.

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