May 19th, 2009

One Step Ahead Snack Trap

Anyone with a toddler knows that Cheerios are now part of your life. They are everywhere—underneath the sofa cushions, in the car seat, at the bottom of your diaper bag. Now, easy access to snacks is, of course, important. But do they need to be everywhere?

The Snack Trap made by those smart folks at One Step Ahead is the only snack holder that has worked for us. The design is nothing fancy, but the fact that the seal has a pin-wheel like cut on it keeps even the smallest nibbles inside. Our experience with other snack holders is that little fingers have a tough time coordinating holding multiple “spokes” of the wheel down which often results in the dumping of snacks all over the floor/car/church pew (Did I just admit that I feed my kid in church? No, never … OK, I’ll go to confession).

Not only is the seal well designed, allowing for kids to fit their fingers in without getting caught or scratched, it’s also very strong, shake-proof, and stays on even when thrown across the room. Frankly, the only complaint that I have is that when washed in the dishwasher, the seals have discolored over time. Clearly, not a deal breaker.

The bowl has little handles on the side, which is helpful for little hands to hang on to. Another design plus, that other bowls don’t have. (There was one I purchased only to discover that the bowl was the size of a cat feeding dish. Spicy Girl couldn’t maneuver it well which frustrated her, and ultimately resulted in a mass dumping of the cereal inside.)

If you can’t find a Snack Trap at your favorite store, order a set online. They are also a great gift for new or soon to be moms. Put a pack in your next Shower Gift!

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