May 19th, 2009

De-Stink Your Shoes

It’s mid-summer and your kids have now been wearing the same sandals for 47 days straight—at home, on the playground, at the beach, in puddles and rivers and streams and God-knows-what-else. And now you’re afraid to remove them for fear of being rendered unconscious by the smell. Remedy: Place the offending footwear in a ziploc bag along with a dryer sheet. Seal it up, let them sit overnight, and: Voila! No more stink! (note: technique is equally as effective on husband’s gym shoes)

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This Weeks Tip

Half-empty bottle of wine with a missing cork? No problem. Soften a taper candle in the microwave for 3-5 seconds. Cut one inch off the end and “Voila!” ready-made cork. (Of course, our friends over at Moms Who Need Wine would say — “who would leave half a bottle of wine?”)