April 14th, 2009

Oxi Clean and Oxi Clean Baby

Spokesperson, Billy Maze, may be a bit over the top—but he claims that he only promotes products that work. Well, let me tell you, Oxi Clean works. We keep two spray bottles in the rotation at all times. We keep one near the hamper and one in the laundry room. By keeping one in the hamper area, we are able to treat Spicy Girl’s soiled clothes before they sit in the hamper for a few days.

The first Oxi Clean product that I bought was Oxi Clean Baby, which I purchased at the local baby superstore with one of the dozen gift cards that I received at my baby shower. I was hooked after one load of laundry. The only problem is that Oxi Clean Baby is tough to find (if you are hell bent on getting it, go on line and buy it on the Oxi Clean website at www.oxiclean.com). My husband and I were concerned that regular Oxi Clean would be too harsh on baby’s clothes, but the fact that you can buy super sized bottles as a bargain set at wholesale stores got us to take the risk. There was no reason to worry. Everything came out great.

If there is no other reason to believe me, let me tell you that I am the grand-daughter of a dry-cleaner and a tailor. I know clothes. I also know clean clothes. The fact of the matter is that stains make me crazy and I cannot leave the house knowing that I have a stain on my clothing, no matter how small it may be. So, from the perspective of an individual who actually knows the inner-workings of getting the most difficult stains out of the most delicate of clothing – Oxi Clean is the best stain-fighting solution I have found on the market.

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