May 12th, 2010

Wahl Clip-N-Trim

A few months ago, I bit the bullet and bought this hair clipper set, resolved to start cutting Luke’s hair myself. Please note that I have absolutely no training in hair cutting.  In fact, my last attempt at do-it-yourself-hair-clipping at home was when I tried to cut my brother’s hair (I was 13, he was eight) and let’s just say it ended badly. Hence, it was with great apprehension that I attempted to have another go at it.

But, I had heard from several mothers how they cut their sons’ hair at home and how convenient and money-saving this turned out to be.  It was hard to argue with that. Something that saves me from changing out of my sweatpants AND can save money to go to my next pedicure?  (Just kidding. Like I change out of my sweatpants ever.) Where do I sign up?

I picked up this set since it seemed to have everything in one package: all different sizes of hair clipper guides (you just snap them on and it’s pretty foolproof clipping), a pair of barber scissors, the clippers proper, ear-trimming taper guides, even a plastic hair-cutting cape, 2 combs, all contained in one hard plastic carrying case.

I’ve been using these clippers ever since and it’s worked out great. I’ve gotten better at the art of hair-cutting and Luke’s head no longer looks like a science project gone awry. In fact, he looks downright normal. The money I’ve saved from cutting his hair myself has easily saved enough to pay for this set and at least a pedicure for one foot. Pretty soon, I’ll have 2 feet covered.  The clippers and the guides are of good quality. There’s a nifty built-in trimmer attachment to precisely define necklines and sideburns.

A couple of could-be improved features: the hair-cutting cape is so thin and flimsy, I never used it. It’s basically like a super-cheap garbage bag with a tie up top. Also, the carrying case doesn’t have the ability to hold the different components along the sides in an organized fashion, it’s more of a throw-everything-inside-and-jam-closed kind of deal. But, this works fine for me. I’d probably do this anyway.

If you have boys, I highly recommend trying this! Love the convenience. Your future beautifully-painted toes will thank you.

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