April 29th, 2010

Getting it Perfect is Overrated

Laura De Veau

I have decided that, while perfection was something I once strived for, now being marginal is about all I can muster.  It seems that regardless of how hard I try, I’m going to continue to make the same mistakes, and I need to just get used to them and all the clean-up that goes with it.

So now, in what I am considering a public service, I am going to put some of my more recent failings on the line, and hope that you, my dear readers can forgive me.  And please, while I appreciate the kindness – I don’t need anymore advice.

I’m a lousy shopper.  I don’t buy the right things for the right season … ever.  I’m either so over -stocked that I’m bringing things to the consignment store with tags still on them.  Or, I’m so under-stocked, that I’m using electrical tape to hem my kids pants in an effort to ‘make due’ until the next size fits.

I think that some aspects of motherhood are boring. I have actually fallen asleep while reading a book TO my child only to wake up with Spicy Girl’s face a few centimeters from mine as she is whispering, “Mommy, the book isn’t done yet.”

If I didn’t have a cleaning woman the floor would never get vacuumed. It’s true.

I call all of my child’s teachers at day care the same name. Thankfully, Spicy Girl knows when to correct me.

The prospect of my child having to play organized sports scares me. I’ve seen parents on the sidelines at games and my thought process goes something like this, “I could take that guy.”  I should be banned now, and save the officials the trouble later.

When screening TV shows and movies, I am unable to make good choices. Every DVD I have picked for Spicy Girl in the last month has made her cry.

The good thing is that despite all of this, Spicy Girl thinks I’m perfect.  So, if you’ll excuse me, I have to dust off my old copy of “Nightmare on Elm Street 48”, maybe she’ll like this one.

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