March 1st, 2010

Old Navy Baby/Toddler

If you have a kid in day care, you know that outfits that can hold up to days filled with arts, crafts, play ground antics and of course, lunch without tearing from the exertion or fading in the wash is key. In today’s economic reality, dollar value is also important and that is why Old Navy has increasingly become my go-to joint for Spicy Girl’s school clothes.

The clothes are well constructed and the sizing is generous. SG can typically get far more months out of the Old Navy duds than other kids lines, which is fabulous – especially since the cost of the clothes is already in the moderate price range to begin with. Given the fact that the clothing gets washed after each wear, you’d think that the clothes would fray – but they don’t. The sizing, colors and shape stay true, which makes mom happy, and keeps Spicy Girl from showing off her mid-drift.

What I enjoy each season is the combination of colors, which makes the mix and match- ability simple. Since we have to always have a “blow-out/back-up” outfit in the day care bag, this makes life easier for me, as I need to be assured that my kid will not look like she was dressed in the dark. Each season I pack a pair of the base color leggings in the bag along with a neutral shirt. I can rest easy should a fruit punch incident occur.

Old Navy’s on-line specials are without a doubt some of the best on the web. Once you get hooked up with their sales, pay attention. You can get shirts for as low as $2 and dresses and pants for $5. Knowing that the sizes run generously takes some of the edge off when buying for future seasons, and while I’m not as successful in estimating with other brands, Old Navy hasn’t steered me wrong yet.

Happy shopping!

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