June 26th, 2009

Paul Mitchell Re-Works Texture Cream

Today my sister L, who is vacationing with me, has agreed to be my guest reviewer.

We both like hair product, and we both make fun of our stylists for calling it “product.” And L. would like you to know about her favorite hair product, Paul Mitchell Re-Works Texture Cream.

Me: What do you like about Paul Mitchell Re-Works, L.?

L: It’s pliant, or pliable, or whatever. And it smells good.

Me: (I remove the cap and sniff the tube.) It does.

L: But it’s not too overpowering. It’s not competitive with other smells, it doesn’t compete. It’s not stiff and sticky. It’s not like that – what was that stuff we used to use? Mousse? (I nod.) It doesn’t get hard and crunchy. I like that it comes in a tube. I don’t like having to dig into the jar, and dig the stuff out from under my fingernails. I’m very particular about my fingernails (this said sarcastically).

Me: What else?

L.: I don’t know. Write that it has memory foam. Like, a space age thing. Developed by NASA. Say that astronauts use it!

Me: The official hair product of the astronauts!

L: Space memory foam.

Me: Right. Got it.

L: In fact, I remember John Glenn talking about it. I think they left a tube on the moon. Maybe you could Photoshop a picture of a tube on the moon. Hey! You could say Paul Mitchell was the first astronaut on the moon!

Me: Okay, I think that’s enough.

L: You don’t like that?

Me: Um…

L: Okay, well and you only need a little, a little bit of it in your hair.

Me: Mm-hm.

L: Which is good, because it’s pricey.

Me: What do you give it, as a rating? Out of five stars?

L. Two thumbs up!

Me: What are the pros?

L: It works, and it doesn’t smell bad. Wait, that’s a con.

Me: No, that’s a pro. Unless you want to use it as a deterrent.

L: Okay, a con. It’s expensive, and you need a dealer. You have to get it from your stylist, and if you ever break up with your stylist, you can’t get anymore. And that would be very sad.

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