Recommended Age: 3 and up
My recommended age: 3 to 10

My kids aren’t big on movies. Even Disney flicks. The films tend to star a bad guy or some sinister presence that sends Milo and Belle barreling head first into my legs and howling in terror.

So, for the past forever, we’ve pretty much had a rule: No feature-length films. Only benign TV shows.

Recently, we relaxed our hard line stance a little and, on a recent outing to Costco, bought Disney’s Tinker Bell. (One family, after all, can watch only so much Sid the Science Kid.)

Good timing, too. The next week Belle came down with strep throat and we were looking for low-key things to do. Enter Tink.

Normally I like viewing kids’ shows and movies about as much as I like exfoliating with a wire brush, but this time, because she was so sick, I decided to stay with Belle and suffer.

You know what, though? I actually liked this DVD.

It’s the story of Tinker Bell’s unhappiness with her role as a tinker and her desire for a more glamorous fairy job. She desperately wants to be a water fairy, who can lace a spider web with dew drops in a matter of seconds, or an animal fairy who wakes all the furry creatures from their winter slumbers.

During the course of the story, she realizes that tinkers are vital pieces of the fairy world puzzle and learns to be proud of who she is and what she does.

The graphics are gorgeous. Lush landscapes, eye-poppingly colorful flowers, twinkling sparkles and absolutely fluid animation make this movie a visual feast.

And the best part is, no overtly scary villains to muck up my kids’ good time. The conflict lies almost entirely within Tink. Not only is this animated feature a beauty to behold, but the message it sends, of self-acceptance, is a worthwhile one.

Fairies, egregious use of glitter and a sweet story all in one package? Keep ‘em coming, Disney.

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