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Statistics show that the amount of time that families are willing to put into meal preparation has greatly diminished, decreasing to just 10 minutes for an average meal. I find that statistic outrageous -my family can prepare a meal, eat it and be on to dessert in 10 minutes.

Fortunately, Jeannette Bessinger and Tracee Yablon-Brenner (aka “The Real Food Moms”) have come to our rescue, providing ideas for lifestyle changes and healthy meals that accommodate our hectic lives with “Simple Food for Busy Families”

The first half of “Simple Food” seems daunting, with densely packed chapters filled with particulars about the lifestyles, habits and diets many of us have fallen into. Now, to be honest, this is usually where I will close the book and open the Twinkies, (Read more…)

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Even if you don’t have a need for this, try it — it’s way cool! To remove permanent marker from any smooth surface (computer monitor, dry erase board, refrigerator), simply draw over the marks with a dry erase marker. Then wipe away both marks with a cloth or eraser. Really, it works!