Redken Rough Paste 12 Working Material

I don’t think of myself as being particularly susceptible to influence, but every once in awhile I let my hairdresser talk me into trying a new product. Usually it’s because I have just spent so much on a haircut that I figure another $8.50 won’t matter. That’s how I ended up with Redken Rough Paste 12 Working Material. It’s kind of like a pomade crossed with a gel. It’s a little bit sticky, which you need if you want to get that “piece-y” look. The smell is tangy and not too over powering. It comes in a pump that looks like kids’ toothpaste.

You might wonder where the “12” comes from. Well, I’ll tell you. The printing on the bottle states that 01-05 is mild control, 06 – 15 medium control, and 16 – 26 maximum control. No doubt a team of Redken scientists worked many hours finally calibrating this 26-point scale so that folks like me can know exactly how controlled our hair is. Since we’re dealing with a 12, I can assume that my hair is 46% controlled: pliant enough to run my hands through, yet firm enough to withstand a 2 in the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale.

One thing I’m curious about: say I used Electric Wax 11 Shine Fused Texturizer, combined with Workforce 09 Flexible Volumizing Spray. Would that be enough to boost me to 20, into the heady midst of maximum control? Or are the numbers averaged instead of cumulative – in which case I’d be stuck in the doldrums of medium control at a mere 10?

Guess I’ll have to call the Redken scientists.

Pros: Gives decent “piece-y” texture
Cons: A bit spendy for a smallish amount of product; too much science for a layperson


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