Oh Plah! Bracelet Teether

Here’s an ingenious little product that would make a great shower gift: the Oh Plah! bracelet/teether from Roundhouse Design Collaborative. My daughter F. is currently getting four teeth in. She’s cranky, and she chews on everything: car keys, book corners, and – unfortunately – my forearm.

And now this bracelet. It is made of thick, rubbery stuff that is perfectly safe: no lead, paint, latex, BPAs, or phthalates. It’s chunky, and it’s firm: your baby will not be able to bite a hunk off of it.

It’s also bacteria-resistant, and requires only a hand-wash and air dry. For moms like me, with sensitive skin and nickel allergies, this is a cute and safe piece of jewelry. And even older kids who are chewers would enjoy wearing and chomping upon this bracelet: I’ll soon be ordering one for my son.

Note: This item was provided by the manufacturer to our writer at no cost, but with no obligation for a positive review. For more information on Momicillin’s “no pay for play” policy, please see our Terms and Conditions.


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Becca was born and raised in North Dakota (the nation's forehead), and  now lives in a small town in Minnesota (the nation's right shoulder) with her two children (son "H.", b.2003, who has autism, and daughter "F.", b. 2008), and her husband, "J."  She attended both North Dakota State University (where she studied sociology), and the University of Minnesota, where she came perilously close to earning a degree in English with a minor in history. She is a writer, stay-at-home-special-needs-mom, and small business owner. Becca can also be found at:

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