June 3rd, 2009

Mrs. Meyers Clean Day Household Cleaners

If you had asked my 20 year-old self if there would be a time when I would give cleaning products more than a few seconds of passing thought, you would have been met with a blank stare and perhaps a “They make products? To CLEAN?”

But alas, with the joys of parenthood come the responsibilities of maintaining a home that doesn’t qualify for condemnation or reality tv. We do what we can to keep the house from falling into total chaos, and employ a number of household cleaners to help us in that task. Now, I’ve never had what marketing people refer to as “product loyalty”. In searching for cleaning products, I usually reach for whatever is cheapest and easiest to reach. Or, I fall prey to the appeal of tough words like “scrubbing” “scouring” “maximum strength” “oxi” and “anti”. I like a cleanser that sounds like something that could wash my dishes or wipe out a drug cartel.

Recently, however, I discovered a line of products that has me excited – yes, an adjective that once only described my reactions to George Michael and pastries. Mrs. Meyers Clean Day is a company that, in their words, produces “biodegradable, environmentally friendly products that are never tested on animals”. In most instances products are comprised of naturally derived plant ingredients. In the past I’ve been somewhat skeptical of the actual cleaning ability of such things, but Mrs. Meyers delivers. So far, we’ve used the hand soap, counter spray, dish soap, laundry soap, dryer sheets, all purpose cleaner, surface wipes and pet spray. In every instance I’ve been thrilled with the results – my clothes/counters/dishes come out sparkling clean, and I’m left feeling comfortable that I haven’t left an unseen trail of toxic residue behind. I’m also a big fan of the scents – clean fragrances derived from essential oils. I tend to be very sensitive to smell, and it makes me crazy if I end up with a house that smells like a chemist’s version of what lavender should smell like.

Now, it’s easy to run up a hefty bill going crazy for Mrs. Meyers items—they are pricey. However, it’s well worth it for the results. Plus, a higher price tag has forced us to be more conscious about effectively using our soaps and cleaners. By distributing our spending – buying one new item here and there – our household budget hasn’t taken too much of a hit. Most importantly, having products that make us feel as though our house is cleaner and our family is safer is well worth it!

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