Every year I make the same New Year’s Resolution (eat healthier), and every year I mostly ignore that resolution (but chocolate IS healthy!). This year, I think I’ll focus on Momilutions, instead, and they’ll be less about changing what I do and more about reframing how I view my world. Here is my top five:

• Remember that frozen chicken nuggets for dinner do not represent a parenting failure. They are a means to provide my children with a less stressed mother. And hey, I buy the “all breast meat, with whole grains” ones. That’s better, right?

• Provide my children with opportunities to boost their immune systems by embracing my dirty floors. I have dark floors, two kids, and a white dog that sheds. This means they stay clean for about 5 seconds after mopping. I can run around like a crazy woman trying to keep them clean, or I can embrace the dirt (and dog hair). This year, dirt don’t hurt.

• Let my kids work it out themselves. I’m not a fan of sibling fighting, mostly because it is loud and always ends with me being called in to mediate. This year, I’m going to stop serving as judge and let my kids work out their own issues more often. We’re building life skills, kids. Let me know when you decide whose turn it is with this toy; in the meantime it will be right here with me.

• Allow my children to improve their ability to play imaginatively and increase independence by not scheduling entertainment for them 24/7. This year, I’d like to say, “go play” more and “get your shoes on, we’re late” less.

• Celebrate their creativity and individuality by allowing them to wear what they pick out, provided it is weather-appropriate, regardless of color, pattern, or style. A pink plaid turtleneck with a brown jumper, green tutu, orange tights, and rain boots? Wow, Caveman, the other boys will be jealous!

And a bonus: Give more hugs, kisses, tickles, and snuggles. You can never have too many.


About Sarah

Sarah is obviously in love with chaos, as she has actively sought it since her daughter "Princess" was born in 2006. A cross-country move when Princess was four months old landed her back in the Silicon Valley, where her computer geek husband, Hubby 1.0, could dwell with his kind. In 2007, she decided to go to graduate school, which she’s completing as slowly as possible. When her son, "Caveman," arrived in the fall of 2008, life just got more entertaining. An aspiring librarian, Sarah is often found at story time bribing Caveman to pay attention with granola bars and goldfish. She's also on a quest to find a haircut that requires absolutely no styling and still looks good on those days when a shower just doesn't happen. In her spare time, she picks up toys, does laundry, cooks, checks facebook obsessively, submits photos to "$*%# my Kids Ruined," and organizes play dates with a great group of moms who keep her sane.

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