The Pro’s and Con’s of Summer Break

PRO: Not having to get up before the sun every morning to be the world’s sleepiest PBJ slinger and pack lunches.
CON: Having to play short order cook for three kids every day at noon.

PRO: No more book bags clogging up the hallway!
CON: Hallway is now clogged with flip flops, hats, balls, muddy socks, and who strung a full-length jump rope around the kitchen table?!?

PRO: Staying up late so we can watch a late movie or have a campfire.
CON: No good reason to send them all to bed early so I have a chance to regain my sanity.

PRO: Being the number one teacher and influence on my children for a few months.
CON: Not being able to send them to detention with the classic mean lady who always dresses in large floral patterns and smells like sauerkraut.

PRO: Going on a beach vacation!
CON: Driving to the beach, trapped like a prisoner in a car for hours on end with a constant hum of pestering coming from the backseat.

PRO: Catching lightning bugs, butterflies, worms, etc.
CON: Dumping out jars of dead lightning bugs, butterflies, worms, etc.

PRO: Sleeping in.
CON: Having to wake up before my kids to make some coffee so they aren’t asking to have friends over until I’ve had at least two cups.

PRO: Enjoying time alone with my three wonderful kids.
CON: Enjoying time alone with my three wonderful kids.


About Karrie

Karrie is proud to hail from the heart of the Midwest, where she and her family live in a small town that is so friendly it almost makes you sick. Here, where every grocery store aisle brings a new conversation and locals are on a first name basis with city officials, Karrie and her family have shared potato salad with just about everyone. This lack of anonymity has given her super special powers to yell at her kids through looks and small hand motions alone—and yet, all three of her children continue to prosper. “Eleanor” (b. 2001), “Tony” (b. 2003), and “Ally” (b. 2007) eat mostly noodles, constantly have dirty fingernails, and don’t practice the piano as much as their mother wants them to. Other than that, they bring great joy to Karrie, who drinks her own weight in coffee every day just to keep from falling over. Karrie once realized she had 4 seconds of free time and so she teaches preschool and toddler music classes, outdoor nature education, and writes a weekly column in the local paper (just to keep her honest). With the remaining .3 seconds, she blogs at

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