Hogue Chardonnay

I’m not a big fan of Chardonnays. I don’t know. They’re a bit heavy, at times, and a lot boring most of the time. Ho hum. Chardonnay. Whoopee.

It’s like the vanilla ice cream of wines. Except for the fact that Chardonnays don’t pair all that well with food.  Scratch that analogy.

I guess I’m a woman who likes excitement, and most Chardonnays don’t do it for me.

But, the 2007 Hogue Chardonnay I like. It’s like your normal Chardonnay with an extra kick. It’s a little lighter. A little less butter. And a little more vanilla and fruit.  And the finish…like a refreshing kick in the pants. Spicy!

This Chardonnay is great just kicking back on its own, or a nice complement to light chicken or fish dishes. Plus, the bottle just looks cool, so there’s that.

Hogue, from Columbia Valley, Washington state, has become our house Chardonnay.

(Embrace the screw-top. Be one with the screw-top. You’ll be glad you did.)


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