Bona Hardwood Floor Care System

We have hardwood floors. We also have two kids. Our floors, needless to say, get trashed pretty fast.

Mopping is not my favorite chore. In fact, I hate it. With the bucket and the dirty water and the grungy mop and all the squeezing. I’d rather fold fifteen loads of laundry than wash the floor of one room.

Once, I convinced myself that if I bought new supplies, it’d inspire me to become a moppess extraordinare. So, at Target, I purchased a run-of-the-mill mop, along with six mop heads (because it’s such a drag when they stop making the mop you like and the heads become obsolete (why does that sound dirty?)).

That tact worked for about a week. Then I got bored.

Next, I got a Swiffer-type thing, thinking that ditching the bucket and water would help.

Trouble was, the handle was flimsy and the damp cloths that came with it smelled so perfumey I’d have to open all the windows just to breathe. Also, those damp cloths do bring up some dirt, but nowhere near as much as an actual mop.

My husband (of all people) suddenly decided that dry mopping was the way to go. That it would preserve our floors while scouring away all the soy milk and apple juice spills.

Enter the Bona Hardwood Floor Care System–a trio of cleaning genius. It comes with a sturdy microfiber mop, 32-ounces of spray-on hardwood floor cleaner and a dry duster to lift dirt, allergens and pet hair.

If it sounds a little pricey at $30, keep in mind that both the microfiber mop’s pad and the dry duster are machine washable up to 300 times. Not sure how many disposable damp cloths you could buy for $30, but I’m willing to bet it’s not 300.

The spray itself cleans well and is utterly scent free. It is Greenguard certified for indoor air quality.

And after I washed the floors, oh how they shined and felt smooth, not gritty under our feet.

Clean floors, well-maintained wood and nice indoor air quality? I can buy into that.


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