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I am not a person who tans. I go from very pale (my heritage is Irish and German, and our collective love of potatoes shows in our complexions) directly to melanoma. I also have very sensitive skin, and am allergic to most chemical sun screens. I can wear titanium dioxide or zinc oxide, and that’s about it. If I’m lathered up good, I look like a robot. This is not an appealing look for the beach.

In short, it’s been years since my face saw the light of day. But now I can at least look like I go outside. I picked up this product at the drugstore recently for about $4. It comes in three shades: Sun Light (fair skin – that would be me), Sun Bronze (medium), and Sun Dance (dark). (Read more…)

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This Weeks Tip

Onions make you weepy? Before you begin chopping, light a match in the vicinity of the onion. Something about the sulfur (don’t ask us what) neutralizes the stuff in the onion that makes you cry.