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Erin's a transplant Wisconsinite living with four people and a dog who strive daily to test her perfectionist traits. She and her husband, D., are learning to breathe normally again after outnumbering themselves in rapid succession with three girls -- A. (b. 2008), V. (b. 2010) and L. (b. 2012). She's constantly worried she's not doing it right (no matter what “it” is), but she's learning to act as if she has it all together by smiling and nodding a lot. She plans on taking her three kids out in public without another adult's assistance just as soon as never, and maybe not even then. She's an editor by profession, a writer by choice, and a new runner out of a need for an hour without someone pulling on her pant leg. She thinks few things can't be solved with some chocolate and peanut butter. Come to think of it, that makes running an appropriate hobby.
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How long after having a baby can I get away with wearing the Bella Band that holds my pre-baby pants together? ‘Cuz I was thinking, like, forever.


Help! I Need an Exit Strategy!


I’ve been a mom of three for two-and-a-half months now, and I’m so confident about this baby care thing that I deserve a gold star. I know cries, how to soothe. I can dress her in three seconds flat; I know which onesies can be saved post-blowout, and which just need a scissors and a trash bag. It’s a talent, you know. But it’s the other two – the preschoolers – that have me fumbling around like an amateur. The (...Read More)