September 17th, 2009

The Three Letter Word


Funny how those developmental milestones come blasting at you, isn’t it? Sure, you can read books and prepare for the basics, like diaper rash.  But, even the best books don’t quite prepare you for your kid’s own individual interpretation of the milestone.  Each kid owns their milestone.  Their personality is hard-wired into it.  

For Spicy Girl, the three letter word, “Why” has become a not only a way for her to show off her personality, but a means to hone it.  Suffice it to say, she doesn’t simply ask “Why?” when she is instructed to do something a certain way. Let me give you an example:

“Don’t jump on the couch, Spicy Girl.”  


“Because we don’t want you to get hurt.”


“Because we love you.”


“Because you’re our baby.”

“Oh, OK, Mommy.”

This is JV Stuff.  It’s the times where the set up to the “Why?” is really indicative of what makes her Spicy Girl.

“I’ve got little boobies.”  

“Spicy Girl, let’s not talk about that.”


“Because no one wants to hear about that.”


“Because it makes people uncomfortable.  Like talking about religion.”

“Oh, OK, Mommy.”

This one was a little harder, but I think I still came out OK.  The next one, I blame on the hubby, as he was the gasoline to her spicy spark.  You see, Daddy likes to do live play-by-play when watching complete strangers go about their daily activities.  Typically, he punctuates the commentary with comments that I have repeatedly warned him would be picked up by our parrot-like child.  Recently, it went like this:

Daddy sees a couple who are parting ways in a parking lot. The female was going into the grocery store, the man was going into the wine shop next door.  “Looks like she’s getting dinner and he’s getting the wine … so he can get his freak on.”

“Freak on!”  giggles Spicy Girl.

“We don’t say that.”

“Why mommy?”  Daddy holds in the giggle. 

“Daddy says it, but doesn’t know what he’s saying.”  

(Now Daddy is about to fall out of the car laughing.)

“But why?”  

(Daddy is crying.)

“Because Daddy is an idiot.”

“Oh, OK, Mommy.”

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