August 5th, 2009

Fantasy Land Blocks by Haba

If your blocks are just too, well, blocky … then, add some dimension and color to your life by checking out this offering from Haba, the German toy manufacturer. Haba products have no lead and are non-toxic, and boast some of the most gorgeous colors and shapes you could imagine. Spicy Girl loves building towers, and with this set, she can actually create miniature artwork.

The blocks are easy to handle for the little ones, but a go-to toy for older kids, who really enjoy the cut outs, and the interesting shapes and textures. There are blocks with bells inside, round blocks, blocks with tips and blocks that are transparent and refract light.

My only complaint is that after my Haba block purchase, I become so enamored with Haba products that they have become a go-to source of gifts. Because they are imported and of such quality, the price reflects it; but you can’t beat the quality and the enjoyment that they will provide.

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