August 2nd, 2009

Crocodile Creek Lunch Boxes

I was a child in the 70s. And I remember two of my lunchboxes. One was metal and emblazoned with Holly Hobbie. It was cute. But it was loud, dented easily and eventually rusted.

Another favorite lunchbox was sky blue and plastic across which Benji grinned out at me everyday as I scarfed down my sandwich and slammed my tiny carton of milk. I adored that lunchbox, but it wasn’t long before Benji started peeling away, leaving me with a dull, characterless cube.

Back then, there was nothing remotely like Crocodile Creek, which makes soft, lightly insulated lunchboxes that can be easily wiped clean.

There were licensed characters sure, but no Crocodile Creek swoon-worthy designs and pliable plastic that is PVC, phthalate and lead free.

Deep and spacious, you can easily fit a full-sized sandwich, yogurt cup, juice box and more inside.

Each Crocodile Creek lunchbox comes with a zippered pocket to store extra goodies, and a mesh, expandable net along the back.

I have just two gripes about these boxes. First, seams and stitching are exposed along the inside of the box. Crevices + little kids’ lunches = yuck. Gross stuff occasionally wedges itself in there. And, though it’s not excessively difficult to clean out, I prefer my seams to remain hidden.

Secondly, I bought the garden lunch box for my daughter and got a dud. The zipper catches on the corners, leading to more than one head-spinning, screaming fit of frustration (Belle sometimes gets irritated with it too). I should’ve returned it right away, but didn’t, so we’ve been limping along with this zipper problem for more than a year.

Despite my complaints, I would still replace her lunchbox with a Crocodile Creek.

They’re just the right size, just the right look and just the right materials for our family.

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