July 28th, 2009

Pee-pee Teepee

Confession: I was not exactly thrilled to find out my second child was going to be a boy. I think my exact words were, “Are you sure???”

I had a girl already. I knew girls. I knew girl parts. Heck, I have girl parts. But boy parts…foreign and just a little bit scary. I mean, yikes. Plus, I was terrified of getting peed on during diaper changes. Oh, yes, I had heard all about the peeing on. And I didn’t like the thought of it. Not one bit.

So, when I found the Pee-pee Teepee in a catalog, it was love at first sight. These were ADORABLE! Little terry-cloth lined “teepees for the sprinkling wee-wees.” Just pop one of those babies on and change the diaper without splash goggles and a face shield!

I bought them immediately.

When they came, they were just as cute as pictured. They’re sold in a pack of 5 and come with a machine-washable little cute drawstring bag that you can just toss into the washing machine. (I hope I am properly conveying how CUTE this product is.)

In practice, though, I found them more CUTE than useful. Why? Well, the teepee kind of just perches there, on top of Old Faithful, staying in place only by virtue of perfect stillness. (It is super lightweight.) Any movement or squirming causes the teepee to come toppling off. I don’t know about most babies, but my baby squirmed. Also, imagine if Old Faithful erupted (stay with me here) and there was an umbrella sitting on top of it. Sure, you might get protected from the direct blast, but you can be sure that the umbrella is not catching all of that geyser spray. 

(A hot mess.)

I also found that after a couple of washings, those super cute teepees looked a bit wrinkled and decrepit.  I ended up throwing a washcloth or extra diaper on top during diaper changes instead which worked just fine for those beginning months when baby boys don’t know any better but to let all heck break loose when exposed to ambient air.

All in all, it is a great idea in theory and would be a huge hit as a baby shower gift (hence the 2 ½ stars), but decidedly less helpful in real-life use.

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