July 24th, 2009

New Wave Enviro Products Bamboo Lunch Bag

My method of lunch transport prior to getting this lunch bag was a plastic shopping bag. Correction: a weaponized plastic shopping bag, complete with 4 metal fork tines sticking clear through the side, ready to attack would-be lunch muggers. Yes, it was time for a new lunch bag.

This lunch bag promises a clear conscience when it comes to the environment. It is made of bamboo. I have to say I saw bamboo in a whole new light after reading about the amazing eco-friendliness of bamboo. Did you know that it is the fastest growing plant on earth? It grows like a foot a day! It also releases more oxygen and reduces more carbon dioxide than trees. I mean, bamboo, who knew? 

Contrary to what I imagined how a lunch bag made of bamboo might be, this bag is soft, fluid, and strong. (Okay, I imagined strong, but I also imagined a stiff, reed-like contraption that was trading one weaponized bag for another.) It has a magnetic clasp closure and soft (but strong) handles, long enough that I can just carry it on my shoulder. The bag is the perfect size to transport my lunch. From what I can tell, it is not insulated.

I like the dark green color, although I do have one bone to pick with the makers of this bag. On both sides, in light yellow-green printed lettering, reads, “100% Bamboo.”  Now, I have nothing against labeling it as such, I mean, hey, let’s face it, bamboo rocks. My issue is that the font has probably only been used to write things like “Fortune Express” and “PuPu Platter.”  (I think I hear a gong every time I read it.) Now, I realize this is not a big deal, but it’s rather distracting to me to hear a gong several times a day in my own head. But, that’s probably just me.

Anyway, it makes me feel good for reducing my carbon footprint and going green, gongs notwithstanding.


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