May 7th, 2009

Imagination Movers

The first time I caught wind of Imagination Movers, I saw a short ad segment on the Disney Channel where four men in blue jumpsuits were singing about wanting their mommy. This struck me as strange. Movers? Jumpsuits? Kids’ music? All. Wrong. Plus, one of them had these goggles on his head –Ew.

Yet, I still found their song strangely hypnotizing. I might have tapped my foot. Or rocked out or something.

Later, I discovered they had their own show which started to air during Prime Time. (Prime Time in our household = Time in Morning Where Mommy Showers and Makes Herself Look Presentable While Children Entertain Themselves with WWF Matches and Television.)

Surprisingly, the show has been a hit with my four-year old daughter and with me.

It takes place in their Idea Warehouse where the four Movers, Rich, Scott, Dave, and Smitty work through “Idea Emergencies” that require them to rack their brains for the problem of the day. I think the show works for my daughter since it meets all of her requirements: silly, funny, high-energy, and musical. And it meets mine: squeaky clean, good message, problem-solving, and most important: NOT OVERLY ANNOYING. In fact, I have never been overly annoyed while watching an episode. I mean, when I’m around during an episode. I would never watch a kids’ TV show. *cough*

I think the one element they are missing is an example of a strong female character. There’s a sweet, super-girly neighbor who often comes by, but she strikes me as more helpless than empowered. I am raising a girl, after all.

But, as much as I was a skeptic: Movers? Jumpsuits? Kid’s music? I’ve been won over. Or, maybe just temporarily hypnotized.

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